946-2 New "T" Tanche Technical Women's Suit - Blue/Green

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YFW 946 New “E” Tanche Competition Swimsuits

Yingfa 946 Competition swimsuits has use Yingfa advanced techonolgy fabric “ E” Tanche and plus color splices design.

  • Design for Racing and Training.
  • High-performance competition swimsuit at a budget price.
  • Available size from XS (22) to XXL (34).
  • Three colors available for match your team style.

About “E” Tanche

Yingfa has used advanced technology in developing this latest suit. Yingfa uses the "E'Tanche" fabric which has the characteristic of being waterproof.

The pores in the fabric are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, however the pores are actually 700 times bigger than a droplet of water vapour, which means perspiration in the form of water vapour can easily pass out through the membrane. Therefore the fabric is breathable, while allowing the swimmer to remain dry and maintain a better position in the water.